Great award for Schildkröt Fitness

In the current issue (01/2019) of the Öko-Test magazine 18 different yoga mats were tested. The mats were tested on problematic plasticizer and dangerous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The Schildkröt Fitness Yoga Mat Bicolor in the colours purple/pink got the great overall assessment of „very good“. Our two-layer yoga mat consists of PVC-free and nonslip synthetic and it‘s the only mat which got a „very good“ that comes with a carry bag. Simultaneously the mat has one of best price/performance ratios of all mats who got a “very good”. The Schildkröt yoga mat with a thickness of 4mm suits ideally for yoga and floor exercises and provides with the structured, nearly textile surface a comfortable feeling. After a yoga session you can give it a wash, roll it up easily and transport it conveniently.

In this sense: Om.