Schildkröt Hand Grip Pro receives Ökotest "very good"

In the edition (01/2020) of the Öko-Tests magazine, 20 different fitness tools for training at home were tested. The articles were checked for problematic ingredients that get onto the skin during training and can be absorbed by the body. The "Hand Grip Pro" from Schildkröt came off with a great overall rating of "very good". Small blemish: The blister packaging that was also tested during the test was originally criticized, but corrected in the current edition of the Öko-Test (04/2020). All of the blister packaging used up to now is a thing of the past and is being replaced by carton packaging, so that the new packaging concept does not require plastic, including the Hand Grip Pro. This consists of a 2-component plastic with non-slip handles and steel spring. The spring force can be adjusted from approx. 10 to 30kg for individual training needs. To do this, simply set the green rotary knob to the desired resistance and off you go. The Hand Grip Pro is a compact, versatile device for training the muscles of the fingers, hands and forearms. Also ideal for use in rehab.