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The brand Schildkröt is the veteran among the MTS brands and has been existing long before the foundation of the company. In 1889, the merchant Friedrich Bensinger founded the “Rheinische Gummi- und Celluloid-Fabrik” (Rhine-Rubber and Celluloid Factory) together with the bankers Hohenemser and the brothers Lenel in Mannheim-Neckarau, Germany. They invented and developed the blow-press-technique and initially used this method to form doll heads and later table tennis balls from celluloid. In 1889 the turtle was registered as the brand “Schildkröt”. The turtle shell resembles the tint and tinge of celluloid and has for that been decided to be the company’s logo. It stands for indestructibility, robustness and durability. Celluloid has been used for the production of table tennis balls from the beginning, and to this day could not be replaced by anything better.

Schildkröt Fun Sports provides above all: Emotions. No matter if they are discusses, neoprene balls, beach sets, diving rings or Boccia – the beach sport subsidiary of Schildkröt has everything that is fun in the summer!No material is more suitable for the beach than neoprene. It is not only resistant to salt water, but it is also pleasantly soft and handy. Thus, neoprene balls protect the skin on your hands and feet, no matter if you are digging (volleyball) or playing in the sand (football) - the result is a lot less skin rashes and thus the ideal product for children! The product range of the beach sport brand by Schildkröt offers thus not only a diverse array of balls, but also diving gear and easy transportable sets, like discs of neoprene. And with OgoSport and Crossboccia® there are two very special highlights - pure trend-sports! Convince yourself and dive into the diversity of Schildkröt FunSports!

The brand with a history and tradition, developed with the know-how and experience of Derek Talbot who in 1972 convinced the jury of the Olympic Games of the attractiveness of the sport and turned Badminton into an Olympic discipline. Talbot-Torro developed very innovative products with high standards of quality. The brand is highly recognised internationally and counts to the top brands in badminton.

In 1995 the company group associated with MTS took over the brand Unsquashable. None other than Jahangir Khan the best squash player ever in the world (ref. Guinness Book of Records) was involved in the development of the squash rackets. It can be assumed that it was Jahangir who gave the brand the name Unsquashable as Jahangir's father who was also his trainer called his son "unsquashable Jahangir". Rackets with many technologies and features support the playing preferences of all skills of players. Accessories as balls, grips and eye guards round out the squash programme.