Fascial Release


The new massage set is the perfect combination of three fascia devices for the massage of all body parts. The large gridroll (length 330mm, Ø140mm) allows the targeted massage of larger body parts such as the legs.


3 in 1 Massage Roller

The 3 in 1 massage roller comprises of a grey roll (PE foam Ø15cm) with a soft, and smooth surface, ideally suited to beginners. A green roller (EVA foam Ø10cm) with a soft, wavy structure that provides a massage like effect.



Self - massage - roll(length: 330mm, Ø 140mm) made of EVA, for myofascial treatment. The surface structure of the roll provides a specifically massage.



The Fitness Hoop (diameter 100cm, weight 1,2kg) comes in 6 separate parts, which can be put together by a simple click system. The wave-like inside of the hula hoop generates a special massage effect, strengthens the connective...



Two spiky massage balls of PVC. One soft ball of ø7cm (green) and 1 hard ball of ø9cm (anthracite). Ideal for grip and reflex zone massage, as well as sensibilization and mobilization exercises. Also used in therapeutical...


Massage Duo Set

The Massage Duo Set consists of a duo ball (6x12cm) and a plastic massage ball (ø 60mm) (TPE). The set is versatile and suitable for massage and self-massage of different parts of the body. The blood circulation and...


Massage Roller

Massage Roller - Handy massage handle made of polypropylene (PP) with two massage nub rolls ø 55mm made of elastic TPE. It is ideal for simple massage and self-massage, promotes circulation and relaxation. It is versatile, easy...


Anti-Stress Therapy Balls

The Anti Stress Therapy balls (set of 2) strengthen the muscles of the hands and forearms, improve hand mobility and grip, promote blood circulation and reduce stress. After consultation with your doctor or therapist, they...