Push & Pull

DOORWAY PULL-UP BAR with Multiple Functions

Solid 25 mm steel tube construction, max. load of 100 kg with soft and comfortable foam covered handles.  Excellent for chin-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. For door frames of max. width of 92 cm and depth of 12-24 cm.


Push-Up Multitrainer

The Push-Up Multi Trainer was developped for muscle building in the push-up position. An innovative plug-in system and a special color code allow particularly beginners to get started quickly with the training.


Sit Up Trainer

The sit-up trainer is the ideal support for focused abdominal muscle training. The integrated suction cup (Ø 12.5cm) enables a quick and easy installation on flat surfaces and ensures a secure hold.



Set of 2 stable and non-skid push-up bars, height 12cm, max. load 120kg. The neoprene coated bars relieve the joints while pushing up. Training is more effective, comfortable and safe.



Solid steel pull-up bar (Ø30/25 mm), for max. loads of 120kg, handles of comfortable anti-slip foam (PU). Fits in every door frame from 63 to 96 cm width. Ideal for pull-ups.



Set of 2 steel hand muscle trainers with foam grips, tension 12-15kg. The ergonomic grips lie safe and comfortably in the hand. The classical tool to train the muscles of the hand and the forearm.



Hand muscle trainer with ergonomic 2-component handles made ofsteel + PP. The Hand Grip Pro has a variably adjustable spring force of10-30kg. The handles fit safely and comfortably in the hand, for optimaltraining of the forearm...